Social Good Spotlight: Northeast Ohio Black Health Coalition

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Welcome to Sangfroid Strategy’s new series spotlighting Northeast Ohio nonprofit organizations doing the hard work to adapt their programming and continue to deliver their social good during these uncertain times. Here we asked nonprofits to share positive and innovative ways they are adapting their programming to align with the need for social distancing, while still delivering a benefit to their constituents. Unsurprisingly, all of these groups have had to move business online, cut costs and find new ways to connect with their patrons and donors. Still, they’re all managing to survive and thrive.

Northeast Ohio Black Health Coalition

Executive Director Yvonka M. Hall and her team at the Northeast Ohio Black Health Coalition have worked for the better part of a decade to address health disparities among local communities of color. Now, in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, the group is continuing that work by providing food to people all over the Cleveland area with its Babies and Brunch Project.

“We have seen the community — black and white, rich and poor, east and west, urban and suburban — work together to deliver 2,000 meals and snacks every two weeks to needy families,” Hall tells Sangfroid Strategy.

In more “normal” times, Northeast Ohio Black Health Coalition conducts various community engagement activities along with speaking events, but as Hall explains, the stay-at-home order has greatly impacted her nonprofit’s usual schedule. So after Gov. Mike DeWine shut down all schools across Ohio (now through the end of the 2019-2020 school year), Hall and her team were inspired to help families that may have fallen through the cracks of other food programs.

“There are many children that will be greatly affected by the school closings. We decided to gather food and issue breakfast and lunch during the school closure.”

Hall tells Sangfroid Strategy

With the help of various businesses donating food, individual monetary donations, and a small group of passionate volunteers, the nonprofit is dedicating itself to helping tackle food insecurity in these uncertain times.

Find out more about the Babies and Brunch Project right here and donate to the Northeast Ohio Black Health Coalition today here.

Photo courtesy of the Northeast Ohio Black Health Coalition

Do you have a story about how a nonprofit adapted their programming to continue to spread benefit to our community? Submit your story today!

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