5 Apps That Will Transform Your Afterschool Program Delivery

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Caring for the children of our community is a high priority. They are our future, after all! Research has shown that afterschool programs can provide a wealth of benefits to children in crucial developmental areas including social, emotional, academic, and even health and wellness.

Afterschool programs also serve their neighborhoods well by inspiring students’ learning, keeping children safe, and supporting working parents/guardians. But the success of these programs would not be possible if it weren’t for YOU! – the passionate and dedicated people who show up both for our children and behind the scenes to make it all happen.

We know it’s often thankless and not always easy, but so incredibly necessary. We see you, and we appreciate you! There are many new programs and software available to help you streamline the critical work you do. From billing to student profiles, to attendance tracking and check-ins; you can keep them all in your pocket and at your fingertips!

5 Apps That Will Transform Your Afterschool Program Delivery

1. Kinderlime for Afterschool

Track sign-ins and sign-outs, run attendance-based billing, and simplify afterschool program management with the Kinderlime app and software by Procare. You can get the basics for free, but pricing goes up to $3.75 per child per month for access to advanced features such as billing. Request a demo here.

2. EZ After School Care

EZ School Apps is currently the leading provider of low-priced school applications that simplify the administrative processes burdening teachers, secretaries and administrators around the country. Their cloud-based afterschool software is suited for both large and small districts and programs, and the annual fee of $500 per school also includes unlimited employee, children, and parent accounts. Start a free trial or request a demo here.

3. SchoolCare Works

SchoolCare Works is specifically tailored to meet the needs of afterschool and out-of-school time programs. SchoolCare Works’ online portal helps employees and families easily manage data including schedules, attendance, billing, and more. Contact them here for pricing information on the program best suited for your organization.

4. Jackrabbit Care

Jackrabbit Care provides an online way to efficiently manage enrollment, scheduling, attendance, accounting, and communications for afterschool programs. Pricing is calculated based on the number of students, and starts at $23/month for up to 29 students. However, in an effort to respond to COVID-19, Jackrabbit Care is reducing subscription costs by 20% on all active subscriptions until further notice. Take advantage and get started here.


School Administration Software Platform designed for youth enrichment, community education,  arts education and adult education programs. Features include information management, communication tools, class management, online registration, payments and financial reporting, and more! You can connect with ASAP to get started here.

Each of these apps above allow you to create fully automated systems and streamline processes including checking students in and out, enrolling students in courses, and tracking class attendance and progress. Some even help to keep parents involved by allowing you to share key progress updates and successes.

The best part – these are just a few of the software and programs available! Explore more to find one that meets the unique needs of your afterschool program and start reaping the rewards of streamlined administrative processes in your organization today!

Wondering how else you can leverage better tools, technology, and processes to amplify your impact? Let’s talk!

Sangfroid Strategy helps organizations learn from where they’ve been, figure out where they want to go, and map out what they need to do to get there. We are experts when it comes to helping organizations build resiliency and move through difficult times and navigate complex situations. Schedule a free 30-minute consultation.

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