We believe it's okay to be human.

We seek relationships, not gigs.

We love the freelance revolution.

We take Wednesday's off.

Being human comes before anything else we do. We value vulnerability in our work, and if we don't know the answer to your question - we will certainly do our best to find out - but we will be honest with you first. If we make a mistake, we will tell you first.

This means - we keep a small purposeful portfolio of customers, who we've worked with year after year.

Sangfroid Strategy partners with a network of freelancers and 1-2 person consulting firms in Northeast Ohio to provide a full suite of services to our customers. Some of our core partners are The Pavlish Group Good Cause CreativeDesign LBS, and Stay the Visionary.

Why? Because you usually get us what we need to keep going on Thursday or Friday afternoon - and we're usually working all weekend to make sure you have what you need when you come to work on Monday morning.

Our Story


I founded Sangfroid Strategy in 2016 because I saw a gap in the consulting market, and I knew I was the right person to fill it.

the lead up

I started consulting when I was in grad school. I was recruited by the first consulting agency I worked for right after completing my Master's Degree. I realize now, 10 years later, this is a trend. Women with limited consulting experience are recruited into the industry by senior consultants, 'groomed' to be a cog in a wheel of a manufacturer of plans, and in my case, slowly promoted with the word 'partnership' dropped enough for me to believe I had a career.

Prior to starting my own firm, I was working for a boutique national consulting firm. I was managing 4-6 clients on any given day and spitting out strategic 'x' plans like they were carbon dioxide. X = communications, marketing, social media, advocacy, etc. After the third time 'updating' the strategic communication plan for a statewide government agency, in which I literally copy and pasted the previous plan, changed some language, and received a annual bonus for my great work - I felt like my career, and integrity as a human being, was spiraling towards a path I wasn't sure I could return from.

the gap

Good consulting, to me, is a continuum of helping organizations learn from where they've been, define where they want to go, figure out how to get there, and figure out how to bring their team along with them. Many firms offer one of these services (evaluation, strategy, implementation, or human development). I believe in order to be a good consultant for an organization or a community - you need to be able to navigate between all four of these areas - and stick with an organization long enough to help them get better at what they do (aka build capacity in consulting speak).

the sangfroid solution

Getting to good operations usually starts with the question of ‘how do we do it better,’ and nine times out of ten the answer is complex: greater internal and external collaboration, aligning operations, purpose, and goals; translating an idea into a concrete and definitive strategy with goals, benchmarks, and metrics that align with a clear vision of success; or we’re in a different place now – we need to restructure to stay ahead.

My experience as an entrepreneur, evaluator, facilitator, strategist, and project manager allows Sangfroid Strategy to provide a suite of services along a continuum that prioritizes listening and learning as a pathway to transformation.  I love working with teams who are inspired by and innovative in the work they do everyday. The unique skill I bring to the table is the ability to navigate from the 50,000 ft. view to the 10 ft. view and back in seconds. Lightening fast processing allows me to forecast and negotiate the nuances of client relations, navigate complex landscapes, take teams from idea to action within capacity and budget with intentionality, and most importantly pick up on the feelings, intentions, and nuances of the people around me to ensure a team is positioned to operate fluidly.