Community Stars Shining Bright: Meet Esperanza, Inc.

By Monique Hopson, Master of Science in Social Administration Degree Candidate at the Jack, Joseph, and Morton Mandel School of Applied Social Sciences Welcome to Sangfroid Strategy’s new series spotlighting Northeast Ohio nonprofit organizations that have done the hard work of adapting their programming and continue to deliver great services during these times. 2020 was […]

What is “Zooming Out” and Why Nonprofits Should Do It

Oftentimes, nonprofit professionals like Executive Directors, Program Managers, and other program staff are hired into an organization to manage an existing program. Time is always a constraint – so you just jump in and start doing. While simply keeping things moving may feel like progress, the harsh reality is that the hurried movements and decisions […]

How Can a Nonprofit Team Collect Good Data Without the Extra Work?

The rise of outcome oriented grantmaking in the U.S., paired with the common ‘proposal → grant → report’ pathway, left us with the unintentional consequence of reinforcing the faulty belief that running a program and measuring the outcomes of a program are two different things. This separation occurs naturally when you think about the idea […]

Make Your Data Work For You

As an industry, nonprofits aren’t used to understanding, measuring, and communicating the value of their program -and this last part is key – in service of their staff and clients first. In part, this is because historically we’ve tied data collection to accountability. When nonprofits set up infrastructure for data collection, 99% of the time […]

Three Reasons Evaluation Matters to Nonprofit Teams

It’s all too common for nonprofit leaders and staff to dread evaluation, and who can blame them?  It would be hard to get excited about something that has historically been an overwhelming and resource-draining headache, and that’s exactly what you can expect from poorly planned and executed evaluation.  The good news is that program evaluation […]

Measure What Matters

Every time a report is due, you rifle through a stack of program files and click around an endless sea of folders as you try and answer the most basic questions about how many people you served and what impact your programs had.  You sigh as you fill in the missing numbers with your best […]

Three Ways to Position Yourself for Fundraising Success!

There are 1.5M nonprofit organizations in the United States – and the funding landscape is changing every day. What makes your organization stand out from the rest? As a society, we’ve been moving away from the notion of just ‘doing good’ for a long time now, and we’re increasing interest in addressing root causes – […]

The Seven Myths of Nonprofit Program Evaluation

The first question I ask every nonprofit I work with is – What makes your organization stand out from the rest? I’ve heard hundreds of nonprofit leaders, program managers, and development directors struggle to answer this question. This is the single most important question any nonprofit can answer for themselves, the people they serve, and […]

7 Actions YOU can take to get the Board of Your Dreams

So you’ve done the work and hand-selected a full board’s worth of individuals who fully support your organization and the unique way in which it will work to impact your community. Great! But that was the easy part! Next, you’re tasked with productively engaging your board members throughout their tenure. In other words, now that […]

Five Steps for Succession Success

Life happens. Things change. You might be part of a wonderful leadership team that makes something like transition feel outside of the realm of possibilities. Regardless of how they happen – transitions, wether they are personal, professional, or organizational, are inevitable. Sometimes planned, yet other times unexpected, the anxiety around the uncertainty of the situation […]