Social Good Spotlight: Motogo

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Welcome to Sangfroid Strategy’s new series spotlighting Northeast Ohio nonprofit organizations doing the hard work to adapt their programming and continue to deliver their social good during these uncertain times. Here we asked nonprofits to share positive and innovative ways they are adapting their programming to align with the need for social distancing, while still delivering a benefit to their constituents. Unsurprisingly, all of these groups have had to move business online, cut costs and find new ways to connect with their patrons and donors. Still, they’re all managing to survive and thrive.


Motogo builds confidence by providing a hands-on introduction to real world problem solving & critical thinking through the tangible avenue of motorcycle maintenance.  

Molly Vaughan, Motogo’s Executive Director, tells Sangfroid Strategy how they’ve completely shifted their programming to continue to meet students where they are – in their homes. The nonprofit raised funds  and received engines from donors, and was also awarded a COVID-19 relief programming grant from Knorr-Bremse Global Care North America Foundation. Armed with funding and supplies, they sent out home kits to students.

Motogo changed its original concept of an “in person” shop class to an at-home approach, junior high and high school students are able to remotely engage with teachers while using V8 engine model kits and tools that are sent to them. Not only has Motogo risen to meet the needs of the current circumstances, they’ve built what could become an entirely new programming and revenue line for their organization.

During this time Motogo also launched an entirely virtual strategic planning process with the team at Sangfroid Strategy, and we are proud to have Motogo as a partner! Learn more about Motogo here and make a donation today to support them!

Do you have a story about how a local nonprofit had adapted their programming to continue to spread benefit to our community? Submit your story today!

Sangfroid Strategy helps organizations learn from where they’ve been, figure out where they want to go, and map out what they need to do to get there. We are experts when it comes to helping organizations build resiliency and move through difficult times and navigate complex situations. Schedule a free 30-minute consultation.

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