sang·​froid | säng-frwä

Composure or coolness, as shown in difficult, complex, or under trying circumstances

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For the past decade, nonprofits who have brought in a significant amount of their own revenue to augment donations and
Have you or a nonprofit organization you work with found innovative ways to deliver your programs and provide your social
Oftentimes, nonprofit professionals like Executive Directors, Program Managers, and other program staff are hired into an organization to manage an
The rise of outcome oriented grantmaking in the U.S., paired with the common ‘proposal → grant → report’ pathway, left
As an industry, nonprofits aren’t used to understanding, measuring, and communicating the value of their program -and this last part
It’s all too common for nonprofit leaders and staff to dread evaluation, and who can blame them?  It would be
The first question I ask every nonprofit I work with is – What makes your organization stand out from the
There are 1.5M nonprofit organizations in the United States – and the funding landscape is changing every day. What makes
Every time a report is due, you rifle through a stack of program files and click around an endless sea
So you’ve done the work and hand-selected a full board’s worth of individuals who fully support your organization and the
Life happens. Things change. You might be part of a wonderful leadership team that makes something like transition feel outside
3,400 nonprofit leaders across the U.S. responded to a 2018 survey conducted by the Nonprofit Finance Fund, and 69% reported
One of the hallmarks of financial health and sustainability for any organization is the existence of an endowment. For nonprofits,
Welcome to Sangfroid Strategy’s new series spotlighting Northeast Ohio nonprofit organizations doing the hard work to adapt their programming and