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Heather Lenz
Founder + CEO

Heather Lenz has a mission to help clients deliver great services that are sustainable and practical to implement. Her passion for marrying innovative problem-solving with effective implementation is rooted in a unique blend of design thinking, evaluation, data-driven strategy, systems change, and organizational development. She has led initiatives across various sectors including government, nonprofits, public-private partnerships, and cross-industry efforts on a local, state, and national level. Her work has helped clients assess landscapes, measure impact, identify disparities in outcomes, and track progress toward equity at systemic and organizational levels. Leveraging data analytics and technology, Heather has pioneered new ways for organizations to take data-driven approaches as they consider their long-term impact strategy. 


Heather has a dual bachelor’s degree in Human Communication and Sociology, a Master’s degree in Human-Environmental Studies with an emphasis on Nonprofit Administration and Leadership, and several certifications, including DEI, Project Management, and Design Thinking, among others. These inform a holistic approach to her work, rooted in evidence-based practice.


Beyond her professional achievements, Heather is committed to personal growth and community engagement. She serves on the Entrepreneur Organization’s Cleveland Chapter’s board, does pro bono work for small nonprofits, and serves as a mentor. Sangfroid Strategy, which she founded, is a recipient of the Weatherhead 100 awards, and she has received the Society for the Advancement of Consulting Creativity and Innovation Award and the Smart Business’ Progressive Entrepreneur Award, accolades that celebrate her innovation, creativity, and entrepreneurial spirit. 


Outside of work, Heather likes hiking, kayaking, biking, woodworking, spending time with her friends and family, and playing with her huge dog, Ada.

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