sang·​froid | säng-frwä

Composure or coolness, as shown in difficult, complex, or under trying circumstances

Who we are

Sangfroid Strategy is a full-service consulting firm that specializes in helping organizations whose work falls at the intersection of innovation, education, and community build and implement innovative programming, plan for their future, and figure out how to get there. Our work is highly customized, and always based on evidence-based practice and engagement of populations who are most proximate to the problems our customers are trying to solve.

At our core, Sangfroid Strategy believes that people are the drivers of great communities (and organizations), and when you fully engage the human element of organizations and the people they serve, you amplify the impact of planning and growth.

Social Impact Analyst

Ariel Jordan is a data scientist at heart, with a strong commitment to community, a breadth and depth of knowledge and experience in Cleveland’s nonprofit landscape, and an immense amount of research and project management skills.  As Social Impact Analyst, she unveils current trends to build efficient and equitable outcomes in the nonprofit sector.

Ariel has a Master of Science in Social Administration and Master of Nonprofit Organizations from the Mandel School at Case Western Reserve University, and a Bachelor’s in Gender and Health from the University of Michigan.

Director of Data and Evaluation

Catherine Smith joined Sangfroid Strategy in 2020 to further support and strengthen the nonprofit sector. After working on program design and partnership for small nonprofits, she saw the need for building capacity across social service organizations. 

Catherine believes that by enhancing organizations with the e-value8 program, nonprofits clients and community members are better served. And, through the use of best-practices and research methods in their work, nonprofits are not only able to grow their impact, but also can efficiently and sustainably manage their program needs.

In her work, Catherine empowers nonprofits to find the best possible solutions for the social problems we face. 

The Founder + CEO

Heather Lenz founded Sangfroid Strategy in 2016. As an evaluator at heart, Heather is passionate about helping organizations prioritize listening and learning as a pathway to transformation. 

For Lenz, good consulting is helping organizations learn from where they’ve been, define where they want to go and figure out how to get there. Many firms offer one of these services (evaluation, strategy, implementation, or capacity building); Sangfroid Strategy navigates between all four of these areas, sticking with an organization long enough to help them succeed (aka ‘build capacity,’ in consulting speak).

With Lenz’s consulting firm, businesses never have to worry about a cookie-cutter plan. Her experience as an entrepreneur, evaluator, facilitator, strategist and project manager allows Sangfroid Strategy to provide a suite of services along a continuum that prioritizes listening and learning as a pathway to transformation.

Administrative Czar

Jodi Holmes joined Sangfroid Strategy in 2021 to realize a long-term goal of working for a forward-thinking, world-improving organization. 

Jodi has worked in administrative roles for over 30 years.  She has a BA from Heidelberg University with a triple-major in English, Music, and Communication/Theatre Arts.  She also completed two certificate programs at Cleveland State: Train the Trainer and Technical Writing. Jodi has been a data entry specialist, a receptionist, an accounts payable associate, and most recently, a senior assistant for Eaton Corporation’s North American Financial Services Center.  Desiring a move to the nonprofit sector, Jodi left Eaton in 2018 after 18 years. 

In her work, Jodi uses her administrative skills to support the Sangfroid Strategy team and enable them to contribute to the success of social service agencies in greater Cleveland and beyond. 

Social Impact Strategist

Sruti Baz joined Sangfroid Strategy in 2021, channeling her passion for the vitality, equity, and future of Greater Cleveland and its people into serving our nonprofit and philanthropic clients. Every day, Sruti strives to help our clients achieve better outcomes and services for the communities and people they serve.

Prior to joining Sangfroid Strategy, Sruti worked in community development and philanthropy. Most recently, Sruti served as the Deputy Director for FutureHeights Community Development Corporation, where she led community and economic development programs and processes and concentrated on fundraising and organizational development efforts.

Sruti is looking forward to applying learnings from her previous experiences to her work at Sangfroid Strategy. She is honored to serve the vibrant and vital public sector in Cleveland, which she believes helps to make this city uniquely special and communal.

We believe it's okay to be human.

Being human comes before anything else we do. We value vulnerability in our work, and if we don’t know the answer to your question – we will certainly do our best to find out – but we will be honest with you first. If we make a mistake, we will tell you first.

We seek relationships, not gigs.

This means – we keep a small, but purposeful portfolio of customers, who we’ve worked with year after year.

We lighten the load.

Our team fully supports each client, from research and meeting facilitation, to drafting meeting reminders to send to your team members. We strive to take as much off our customer’s (and their board members’) plate as possible to make room for you to focus on the future of your organization.