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Sruti Baz

Senior Consultant,
Data-driven Strategy

Specialty: Strategy Development & Facilitation 

Sruti Baz joined Sangfroid Strategy in 2021, channeling her passion for the vitality, equity, and future of Greater Cleveland and its people into serving our nonprofit and philanthropic clients. Every day, Sruti strives to help our clients achieve better outcomes and services for the communities and people they serve.


Prior to joining Sangfroid Strategy, Sruti worked in community development and philanthropy. Most recently, Sruti served as the Deputy Director for FutureHeights Community Development Corporation, where she led community and economic development programs and processes and concentrated on fundraising and organizational development efforts.


Sruti is looking forward to applying learnings from her previous experiences to her work at Sangfroid Strategy. She is honored to serve the vibrant and vital public sector in Cleveland, which she believes helps to make this city uniquely special and communal.

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